Micro JavaScript Library that simplifies your mobile projects...

... and optimized for current mobile devices.
Download version 3.0.5 $bower install quojs use bower package manager for install manually.

Touch events

Farewell to click, welcome gestures

2x Fingers Tap
2x Double-tap
Pinch Out

It's more than gestures

Is a micro, modular, Object-Oriented and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, and Ajax interactions for rapid mobile web development. It allows you to write powerful, flexible and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented and micro coherent API.

Mobile lover

Designed to change the way that you write JavaScript with the goal: a 5-6k gzipped library that handles most basic drudge work with a nice API so you can concentrate on getting stuff done. Released under the Open Source MIT license, which gives you the possibility to use it and modify it in every circumstance.

Because Size Matters

Current JavaScript libraries hate mobile, they are very big libraries that were built based on requirements of desktop devices, so mobile performance isn't optimal. Doesn't have a good support to touch events or a semantic API that would help the developer to create a good & cool JavaScript.


Javi Jimenez Villar

Javi is the CTO and founder at Tapquo. A restless mind that always strives for continuous improvement, able to create frameworks like Atoms, Lungo, Monocle or TukTuk used by thousands of developers around the world.

Tapquo was founded in 2011, since then we’ve launched products for developers around the world. Fueled by creativity, the people that make up tapquo are the type of folks you'd pick first for a recess kickball game. In our code tribe are six developers, three in frontend, two in backend, one craftsman and all are passionated with the 'clean-code'.